What To Expect

My job is much more than just an hour or so on your wedding day. I will meet with you (the couple) either personally or via Skype/FaceTime several times to design a wedding that represents your relationship and personalities.

No two ceremonies are the same. If the couple is interested, I try to personalize each one by incorporating specialized Bible verses or such traditions as a pastoral blessing, hand fasting, roses for mothers, sand mixing, unity candles, knot-tying and ways to include children or incorporate a remembrance of a deceased parent of the bride or groom.

Once hired, I will send you some sample ceremonies. You can personalize one of them or we can spend some time handcrafting one. We will remain in contact as often as needed for you to feel comfortable on your special day. You will have complete creative control over your ceremony.

On the wedding day I will arrive early to make sure everyone knows the plan. I can meet with your wedding planner or I can guide the wedding party through a rehearsal before the ceremony. If necessary, I will give subtle cues to the wedding party in case someone forgets their role. We can also arrange a rehearsal on a separate date (for an additional fee). During the ceremony, I will help keep your guests interested and involved in your celebration. I believe that wedding guests are not just spectators, but rather, active participants in the wedding ceremony and the couple’s lives.

After the wedding I will sign the marriage license that you have acquired beforehand (I would suggest getting this at least two weeks in advance due to Texas’ mandatory 72-hour waiting period). I will then mail the license to the courthouse for you.

I want you to be completely comfortable with your ceremony. You may find someone who charges less, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. I believe that hiring a professional wedding officiant is well worth the investment for one of the most important days of your life.